Mohamed Taher , MBA

Founder RTR Consultancy,
Managing Director MEA


Professional Experience:

Head of Supply Chain – Mondelez, Middle East
Customer Service & Logistics Manager – Mondelez, Middle East
Transport & Warehousing Manager – Kraft Foods, East Europe and Middle East & Africa
Logistics Manager – Kraft Foods, Bahrain
Supply Chain Lead – Kraft Foods, Saudi Arabia
Export Manager Europe – MAC Egypt
Procurement & Supplier Development – GSK Egypt


Key career highlights

-Key Note Speaker in most of the major Supply Chain conferences across the region.

-Starting up massive multinational plant producing +70k tons of food products. He designed E2E supply chain and built up the managing team.

-Leading Logistics and Transportation center of excellence across East Europe, Middle East and Africa. He led all strategic projects across the region for the largest multinational food company.

-Led “Load Control Center” managing all transportation flows for East European business.

-Managed Supply Chain integration projects for the largest snacking companies globally.

-Implemented ERP / WMS systems across the region including SAP, MFG and Exceed.

-Transformed business models in Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries, distributor model to direct distribution.

-Coaching huge teams to support their movement into their next career levels.

-Playing major roles in global tendering processes with key logistics providers.

-Leading joint Value Creation workshops achieving significant proclivities across the functions.


Dedicated Projects Teams

-Dedicated teams are allocated on project basis to ensure on-time delivery of all services at the highest standards.


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